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How to Play Dominos

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Use these tips to organize a game of draw dominoes, the most popular domino game played today.

To complete this How-To you will need:

A standard set of 28 dominos
A large flat surface or table to play on
Two to four players
A pencil and paper

Step 1: Mix up the dominos

Place all the dominos facedown on the table and shuffle them around. Have each player select their dominos, keeping them hidden. If two people are playing, each person gets seven. If three or four people are playing, each takes five dominos.

Tip: There are 28 tiles in a standard set, from blank at both ends to sixes at both ends. Dominos are also known as bones.

Step 2: Decide who goes first

To decide which player starts, each player reveals their highest double -- a piece that has the same number of dots on both ends. Whoever has the highest double goes first. If none of the players drew a double, then whoever has the heaviest tile -- the domino with most dots on it -- goes first.

Step 3: Make the first move

The player begins by placing their heaviest domino faceup anywhere on the board. After the first move, players must match the number of dots on one end of one of their dominos with an open end of a domino already on the board. Take turns clockwise around the table, with each player adding a domino to the board.

Tip: Any side of the domino is considered an "open end." The game's layout can flow in any direction, turning as necessary.

Step 4: Match

When laying a domino down, the numbers of the piece on the board and the one being added to the board must match exactly. For example, if the only open domino end on the board shows five dots, only a domino with one end that also has five dots can be played beside it.

Step 5: Play a double

If you have a double, play it as soon as you can. Doubles create more opportunities for play on the board. These pieces are typically placed so they connect to the middle of a piece on the board, rather than one end, which means future dominos can be added to either end of the double piece.

Step 6: Draw if you can't play

When players do not have a domino that matches one of the open dominos on the board, they draw from the pile of extra dominos until they draw a playable piece. If there are no dominos left, players lose their turn.

Tip: The pile of leftover dominos is also known as the boneyard.

Step 7: End the game

The game continues until one player runs out of dominos, becoming the automatic winner, or when all the players have no playable pieces left.

Step 8: Add the points

When a game has ended, the players add up the total number of dots in their hands. That number is how many points the winner has earned. A typical match ends once one player has accumulated 100 points.

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Killmonger 509 : I wanna play with Tilly so bad that’s why I’m here
Sean Essex : 1.2 million white people watched this video
EvolutionCritic : Nice dominoes you got there. Just bought some dominoes because of RDR2 and now I want to play in real life.
Ian Thompson : Lol I always wanted to learn bones. Then I got RDR2 and realized I still had no clue how to play
true beast : Thank you very helpful.

Kiss&Cry(키스&크라이) - Domino Game(도미노 게임) Color Coded Lyrics [Han/Rom/Eng]

I've always wanted to make a lyric video for this, I miss Kiss&Cry T-T
Any requests? Comment below (Must be subscribed) :)

Artist - Kiss&Cry(키스&크라이)
Title - Domino Game(도미노 게임)

Bohye - Violet
Haena - Pumpkin Orange
Dia - Red
Soyumi - Sky Blue

*Members are in order of age
**Color Coding by Me

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Le Me : They are soooo underrated
Cris SQ : i miss them
Cʜσα ʜчυηαღ : I Love Kiss & Cry ( ᵒ̴̶̷̥́ ·̫ ᵒ̴̶̷̣̥̀ )
Hannah Huang : I found this song way too late, but I’m appreciating it now
Yugyeom Mine : I think its a good thing that Dia is Soloist now...

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Keyur Pandya : It's a meditation
Santino Alvarez : Level good
Kathleen Chambers : I know this is long but it you make it to the end, you'll get a surprise. Very well worth it!!! I promise you that...
Jorge Mendoza : i like you domono XD

[MV] Kiss&Cry(키스&크라이) _ Domino Game(도미노 게임)

[MV] Kiss&Cry(키스&크라이) _ Domino Game(도미노 게임)

*English subtitles are now available. :D
(Please click on 'CC' button or activate 'Interactive Transcript' function)

DIA, who has been cumulating a lot of fans with songs like 'Breaking up', is back as a group 'KISS &CRY'. 'KISS & CRY' is made up of four members who include DIA, Bohye, Haena and Soyumi. It is a female vocal performance group and the four members are amazing at singing and performances.

The 'KISS&CRY' title song 'Domino game' has a fun Latin up-tempo rhythm and also has real brass added to it. The vocal performance group KISS&CRY's concept amplifies their singing skills amazingly throughout the song.

▶ LOENMUSIC FB : http://www.facebook.com/LOENMUSIC.off...
▶ LOENMUSIC TW : https://twitter.com/LOEN_MUSIC

「一日中雨が降った」、「Breaking up」などの曲で多くのファン層を確保しているディア(DIA)が、4人組のガールズグループKISS&CRYで新たにデビューする。KISS&CRYは'ディア、ボへ、ヘナ、ソユミ'の4人からなる女性ボーカル・パフォーマンス・グループで、4人のメンバー全員が優れた歌唱力とパフォーマンス能力を備えたグループだ。


'하루종일 비가 내렸어','사귈만큼 사귀었어' 등의 곡으로 많은 팬층을 확보하고 있는 디아(DIA)가 4인조 걸그룹 KISS & CRY 로 새롭게 데뷔한다. KISS & CRY는 '디아, 보혜, 해나, 소유미' 4명으로 이루어진 여성 보컬 퍼포먼스 그룹으로 4명의 멤버 모두가 뛰어난 가창력과 훌륭한 퍼포먼스 능력까지 갖춰진 그룹이다.

KISS & CRY의 타이틀 곡인 '도미노 게임' 은 흥겨운 라틴 업 템포 리듬을 바탕으로 리얼 브라스를 사용해 웅장한 편곡의 느낌을 더 해 주었으며, 보컬 퍼포먼스 그룹이라는 KISS & CRY의 컨셉에 맞게 멤버 4명의 각각의 가창력을 극대화 시켰다.
Clayton Warner : It is sad that they disbanded but we can't blame their company. Kiss and cry were not popular so it's difficult to keep promoting.
Kealiʻi Sanchez : I always think “what went wrong here” i swear if the company gave them more time like at least a year or so, they woulda made it huge bc of their vocals and this was less than a year before mamamoo too
łųçy jâçķsøñ : It is 2019 and i can't get over this song
Eric Lee LeBeau : SLUM DUNK (ENDING) - Anata dake mitsumeteru
Allison Herrera : Yes I found it



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